Maps by John Tallis
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One of the most popular cartographers of the 19th Century was John Tallis, a London publisher.  Tallis was renowned for the very accurate and visually most attractive maps and views of all world areas during the Victorian Age.  His star engraver and map maker was John Rapkin.  During the mid 19th Century many books of travel and exploration were published by Tallis, using the extraordinary artistic and engraving skills of John Rapkin.  In 1851 Tallis published his famous Illustrated Atlas.

The principal features of Tallis maps are the extensive use of vignette views and highly ornamental engraved framing of the perimeter.  Most of his maps contained a limited amount of color, usually outlining boundaries and major terrain features.  Later in the Nineteenth Century, many owners of Tallis atlases commissioned colorists to tint the beautiful vignettes. This selection of maps includes some with colored vignettes. Many of the Tallis maps featured here are from The British Colonies; Their History, Extent, Condition and Resources. by R. Montgomery Martin, Esq., former Treasurer to the Queen at Hong Kong.  The remainder are from Tallis' Illustrated Atlas of the World, 1851. The dimensions of all maps listed below are approximately 10½ in. by 13½ in.

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1) 2) 2a) 3) 4)
1) North America $395.
2) Europe - Scotland SOLD
2a) Falkland Islands and Patagonia SOLD
3) United States  SOLD
4) Russia in Europe  SOLD
5) Russia in Asia SOLD
6) Channel Islands SOLD.
7) Cabool, The Punjab and Beloochistan SOLD
8) Northern India  $150.
9) British India  $195.
10) Southern India  SOLD
11) Turkey in Asia  SOLD
12) Turkey in Europe SOLD
13) Sweden and Norway  $135.
14) Northern Africa  SOLD
15) Natal and Kaffraria  SOLD
16) Western Africa  SOLD
17) Greece SOLD
    18) Victoria or Port Phillip  SOLD.
    19) New South Wales  SOLD.
    20) Western Australia, Swan River  SOLD
    21) Part of South Australia  SOLD.
    22) Van Diemen's Island or Tasmania  SOLD.
23) West India Islands (see Caribbean Maps also) $275.
24) Jamaica  SOLD.
25) British Guayana  SOLD
26) British Possessions in the Mediterranean  $160.


25) 6)
24) 7)
23) 8)
22) 9)
21) 10)
20) 11)
19) 12)
18) 13)
17)   16) 15) 14)

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