Napoleon and his Generals

Marshal Bessieres 

 Marshal Marquis Pierre de Beurnonville

Jacques Louis DAVID

"Napoleon in his Study"

New York Graphic Society

Lithograph, NY 1956

28" X 16.5"




Marshal Louis Davoust, Duke of Auerstaedt

Marshal Suchet



Marshal Guillaume Brune 


Marshal Augereau


The portraits of the marshals (above) are lithographs by Delpech,
published in Paris circa 1830. The image area of each portrait is
approximately 12" high by 9" wide.  The hand coloring is modern

Other available Delpech portraits in color are: 

Queen Marie Antoinette SOLD
Prince Louis Antoine, Mgr. le Dauphin (Son of Louis XVI) $200
Mme. la Dauphine SOLD
Le Duc de Bourbon $225
S.A.R. Mgr. le Duc de Bordeaux $200
Cardinal Fesch (Uncle of Napoleon) $225
Madme de Stael $150
Count Adam Phillipe de Custine $245
General Louis Desaix de Veygoux SOLD
General D'Hautpoul $175
General Charles Dumouriez $145
General Lariboissiere $145
General Louis Hoche SOLD
General Francois Marceau SOLD
Charotte Corday $245
Jacques Louis David $250
Viscount Paul de Barras $225
General Drouot $175
General Duroc SOLD
Duke Jean de Cambaceres $275
Jean Antoine Chaptal, Count de Chanteloupe $225
Hortense de Beauharnais (Stepdaughter of Napoleon I) SOLD


Napoleonic Battle Scenes

One of the most talented and popular of the artists serving the Imperial Court, Carle Vernet provided, in 1806, an outstanding pictorial record of the Emperor's military campaigns in Italy.   These several views, done as copper plate engravings, varied in size from 10" x 13" to 12" x 16".  The clarity possible with copperplate engraving allowed Vernet to show battles in amazing detail.  Maneuvering forces are shown almost soldier-by-soldier.  The officers and their beautifully maintained horses are particularly noteworthy.  In many of these battle scenes, it is possible to recognize the Emperor mounted on his white Arab stallion.  Shown below is the capture of Naples, which took place on the 2nd of the month of Pluviose (April) in the year VII of the new calendar.  Other engraved battle scenes by Vernet are listed below.  The condition of these engravings is very good.  The margins are ample and there is no foxing within the image area.  These splendid and unique old engravings, some of which are in later hand color are listed below.
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(click on image to enlarge)


Battle Scenes
1)  Battle of Mondovi (B/W) 10" x 13"  F Vernet, 1806  $175
2)  Battle of Roveredo 12" x 16"  VG Vernet, 1806  $170
3)  Passage of the Po River (B/W) 10" x 13"  F Vernet, 1806  $160
4)  Entry into Turin (B/W) 11" x 16"  F Vernet, 1806  SOLD
5)  Battle of La Favorite (B/W) 10" x 15"  F Vernet, 1806  $160
6)  The Liberation of Corsica 10" x 13"  VG Vernet, 1806 SOLD
7)  The Revolt of Pavie 11" x 14"  VG Vernet, 1806  $150
8)  The Victory in Aboukir, Egypt (B/W) 9" x 11½"  VG Vernet, 1838  SOLD
9) Battaglia di Abukir (B/W) 8½" x 16½"  VG Piomanit, 1838  SOLD
10) Battle of Rivoli (B/W) 7½" x 16½"  VG Norvins, 1838  $175
11) Eve of Austerlitz (B/W) 7½" x 13"  VG Gerard, 1830  $200
12) Battaglia al Ponte di Lodi (B/W) 7¾" x 16¾"  G Vernet, 1838 SOLD
13) Conferenza di Udine (B/W) 7" x 16½"  F Couche, 1838  $145
14) Battaglia di Embabeh (B/W) 7¼" x 14½"  F Couche, 1838  $145
15) Rivoluzione del Cairo (B/W) 7¾" x 16½"  VG Dravis, 1838  $145
16) Ingresso Solenne Delle Truppe Francesi In Milano (B/W) 9¼" x 16½"  VG Volpini, 1838  $175
17) Battaglia di Arcolo (B/W) 8¼" x 17"  VG Vernet, 1838  $175
18) Fete de Virgile a Mantoue, le 24 Vendemiaire An VI (B/W) 10" x 15¼"  VG Vernet, 1806  $150
19) Battle of Roveredo (B/W) 10¼" x 16½"  G Vernet, 1806  $175
20) Entree des Francais dans Livourne 11" x 15"  F Vernet, 1806  $150
21) Capture of Naples 11" x 17"  F Vernet, 1806  $200
22) Battle / Crossing of the Tagliamento 11" x 15"  F Vernet, 1806  $172
23) Passage of Mt. St. Bernard 11½" x 17"  F Vernet, 1806  $225


Napoleonic Maps

Cartes Pyrenees Occidentales  c.1806, Rousseau  20" x 25"  CP - F  $175
Geographical and Historical Map of France.
Text in letterpress on three sides
 1828, Carey & Son,
 12" x 13"  OC, CP - F  $300
Croquis de Carte Generale pour l'Intelligence des Operations sur le Rhine et au Nord Depuis 1792 Jusqu'a 1796.  Unkn   15" x 15"  CP - G  $95
Battle of Mantua. Plan of the Fortress of Mantua  1796, Anon, France  20" x 20"  OOC, CP - F SOLD
Carte d'Italie pour Servir a l'Histoire des Campagnes de Napoleon le Grand Empererur des Français et Roi d'Italie  1806, Lorrain, Paris  18" x 24½"  CP - VG  $245
Atlas of Major Battles prepared by Baron Jomini to accompany his "Life of Napoleon" (60 maps) 1864, New York 8" x 9½" OC, SE - Maps VG but covers separated. Signatures tight SOLD
Geographical and Statistical Map of France showing Napoleonic Battles (with letterpress on three sides)  1821, M. Carey  12" x 13"  OC, CP - F  $300


Napoleonic Portraits & Views

La Grande Armee de 1812 1964, Brunon, Marseille 15" x 11¼"; 8 portfolios w/ two uniform prints by Carle Vernet per folio L - VF SOLD
Garde Imperiale Mameluks 1964, Brunon, Marseille 13" x 10", portfolio, 79pp, numerous illustrations and uniform prints F SOLD
Napoleon Premier Empereur des Francais 1964, Brunon 10" x 8"; color lith. of a watercolor portrait by Carle Vernet CL - VF SOLD
Generaux de Division 1964, Brunon 10½" x 7½"; color lith. of a watercolor portrait of two division commanders by Carle Vernet CL - VF SOLD
Officiers-Generaux 1964, Brunon 11" x 8"; color lith. of a watercolor portrait of two general officers by Carle Vernet CL - VF SOLD
Vue de la Ville et du Fort de St. Florent (Napoleon's Birthplace, Corsica) 1w8th C., Anon 9" x 13" HC, CP - F SOLD
Napoleon I (Standing) c.1860, Delaroche 8½" x 5" SE - VG SOLD
Bonaparte (Young officer) c.1830, Furne 6" x 4" SE - F $70
Napoleon Crossing the Alps c.1850, Currier 17½" x 13" OC, SE - f- $145
The Infant Napoleon II c.1865, Bossleman 5½" x 4½" CP - VG $50
Napoleon and His Generals 1858, Bill 3" x 4½" HC, Lith - VG $65
Marengo, Napoleon's Arab Horse 1836, Jardine 3½" x 5½" CP - VG $70
Battle of Eylau 1865, London Printing 6½" x 9" SE - F $85
The Retreat from Moscow (Passage of Berezyna R.) 1865, London Printing 6½" x 9" SE - VG $65
Passage of the Simplon c.1850, Martinet 6¾" x 4½" Lith. - F $75
Bonaparte's Observatory (Battle of Waterloo) 1815, Kelly 9" x 7¼" CP - F $145
Siege of Toulon (Battle map) 1838, Norvins 6" x 4" HC, CP - F $85
Battle of Castiglione 1838, Perrot 4" x 5½" OC, CP - VG SOLD
Battle of Arcole 1838, Perrot 3¾" x 5¼" OC, CP - VG $85
Battle of Rivoli 1838, Perrot 4" x 5½" OC, CP - G $85
Battle of the Pyramids 1838, Perrot 4" x 5¼" OC, CP - G $85
Battle of Aboukir 1838, Nordins 4" x 5½" OC, CP - VG $85
Old House, Longwood, St. Helena c.1870, Hine 4½" x 7" WE - VG $35
Island of St. Helena (Map) 1855, Atlantic Navigator, Imray 7½" x 9" CP - VG $75
Jamestown, St. Helena c.1850, Sarony & Major 6¾" x 9¾" CL - F $85
Valley of the Tomb, near Longwood c.1850, Sinclair 6¼" x 9½" CL - VG $85
Longwood, from the Gate, St. Helena c.1850, Ackerman 6½" x 9" CL - F $85
The Battle of Moscow 1865, London Printing 5½" x 7" SE - F $50
The Old Noblesse in the Conciergerie 1879, Fisk 5½" x 10½"
SE - F $75

Napoleonic Books
Legend (Condition)

Abbott, J. S. C. The Life of Napoleon Bonaparte 1855, New York Octavo, 2 Vols.
611pp, 666pp
f $40
d'Abrantes, Duchess Memoirs of Napoleon 1895, New York Octavo, 2 Vols.
588pp, 548pp
Ariel Press The Imperial Guard of Napoleon Bonaparte 1968, London Folio, 24pp, 16 uniform prints in color F SOLD
Aubry, Octave The King of Rome, Napoleon II 1932, New York Octavo, 269pp VG+ $25
Bainville, Jacques Napoleon 1933, New York Octavo, 405pp F $25
Barnett, Corelli Bonaparte 1978, New York Quarto, 224pp F $35
de Beauregard, Gerard Les Marechaux de Napoleon c.1880, Tours Quarto, 315pp, a. e. g. VG $225
de las Cases, Emmanuel Le Memorial de Sainte-Helene 1969, Paris Small Quarto, 4 Vols, Deluxe Leather Binding, a.e.g. f+ SOLD
de Caulaincourt, General With Napoleon in Russia 1935, New York Octavo, 422pp F $40
de Caulaincourt, General With Napoleon in Russia 1935, New York Octavo, 422pp F $35
de Caulaincourt, General No Peace with Napoleon! 1936, New York Octavo, 286pp VG+ SOLD
Chandler, David Napoleon 1973, New York Octavo, 224pp F $35
Chateaubriand, F. A. On Buonaparte and the Bourbons 1814, Paris Octavo 35pp pamphlet in a hardcover chemise and a handsome leather bound slipcase F $450
Constant Recollections of the Private Life of Napoleon 1910, Akron Ocatavo, 3 Vols.
431pp, 323, 435pp
VG $95
Durant, Will & Ariel The Age of Napoleon 1975, New York Ocatavo, 872pp VG $60
Espitalier, Albert Napoleon and King Murat 1912, London Octavo, 509pp VG SOLD
Gibbs, Montgomery Military Career of Napoleon the Great 1907, New York Octavo, 514pp F $70
Gibbs, Montgomery Napoleon's Military Career 1895, New York Folio, 343pp, deluxe edition f SOLD
Haythornthwaite, Philip The Napoleonic Source Book 1997, London Quarto, Soft Cover, 414pp F $30
Headley, J. T. Napoleon and His Marshals c.1850 Octavo, Vol.1 - 275pp, Vol. 2 - 276pp, Cloth VG $40
Headley, P. C. The Life of the Empress Josephine 1855, New York Octavo, 383pp VG $25
Herold, J. C. The Age of Napoleon 1963, New York Octavo, 439pp F $25
Horizon Magazine The Age of Napoleon 1963, New York Quarto, 420pp
w/ slipcase
F $60
Horizon Magazine The Age of Napoleon 1963, New York Quarto, 420pp
w/ slipcase
F $45
Horne, R. H. Life of Napoleon Bonaparte c.1850 Octavo, 520pp f $25
Humble, Richard Napoleon's Peninsular Marshals 1974, New York Octavo, 228pp F $30
Johnston The Corsican 1910, Boston Octavo, 508pp VG $15
Lefebvre Napoleon - from 18 Brumaire to Tilsit, 1799 - 1807 1970, New York Octavo, 337pp VG+ $30
Ludwig, Emil Napoleon 1926, Garden City Octavo, 707pp VG+ $20
Ludwig, Emil Napoleon 1926, New York Lg. Octavo, 707pp VG+ $35
Ludwig, Emil Napoleon 1972, New York Pocket Book, 656pp F $5
Mansel, Philip The Eagle in Splendor, Napoleon I and His Court 1987, Hong Kong Quarto, 232pp F SOLD
Markham, Felix Napoleon 1963, New York Paperback, 304pp VG $5
Murat, Ines Napoleon and the American Dream 1976, Baton Rouge Octavo, 243pp F $20
Nicolson, Nigel Napoleon 1812 1985, New York Ocatavo, 192pp F $30
Richardson, Frank Napoleon Bi-Sexual Emperor 1973, New York Octavo, 255pp F $30
Paddington Press Napoleon's Last Will and Testament 1977, New York Quarto, Soft Cover, 111pp F $20
de Segur, Philip History of the Expedition to Russia... 1841, New York 12mo, 2 Vols. in 1, 662pp f $195
Sloane, William M. The Life of Napoleon Bonaparte 1939, New York Octavo, 2 Vols.
467pp, 527pp
F $30
Stacton, David The Bonapartes 1966, New York Octavo, 379pp F $25
Thompson, J. M. Napoleon Bonaparte 1952, New York Octavo, 463pp VG $25
Wright, Constance Daughter to Napoleon, Bio of Hortense de Beauharnais 1961, New York Octavo, 436pp F SOLD

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